Taking Readers Beyond The Unexplained

The following have been uploaded to the share drive:

  1. Week 7 Call 2 ~ This has a energetic clearing at the end facilitated by Dr. Cassandra Campbell
  2. Week 8 Call 1 ~ Creating your Sales Funnel
  3. Week 7 Homework~ Creating Your Sales Funnel which we are doing in week 8 due to the week break we gave.
  4. SMART Goals Document to assist in planning your next 60 days
  5. Revenue Modeling Excel Spreadsheet.  This requires Office 2007 or greater.  Please note there are 2 different forms you can use so check the tabs at the bottom of the document.  One is just projection the other is projection verses actual to assist in closely monitoring your business.

There is a lot of great work going on.  Keep it up and post your updates on the blog as you make progress.  Also please provide feedback as to what you would like to see in a level 2 program so we can continue to support your efforts.


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